Dr. Ulrich Lehmann LL.M. – your criminal defense lawyer

Have you received a summons from the police? Have you been accused of drug dealing? Have you been arrested? Are you having trouble with the tax office?

You need a skilled lawyer now to fight for your rights – at reasonable, clear costs!

Rechtsanwalt für Strafrecht Dr. Ulrich Lehmann, LL.M. aus Berlin

As a criminal defence lawyer in Berlin, I actively advise and defend my clients in all areas of criminal law. I consider it my job to protect the rights of my clients – regardless of the accusations made against them.

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Call me now on +49 (0)30-609 82 88-55 and book a non-binding and free appointment for an initial consultation. You can also phone and ask me to call you back, or send an email to u.lehmann@lehmann.law I will call you back, guaranteed!

Legal Advice on Criminal Law – the Legal Fields of My Law Firm

I offer legal advice in criminal and tax law. As a specialist in criminal law, criminal tax law and commercial criminal law, I am best prepared for disputes with the public prosecutor service and the criminal courts, the police and the regulatory authorities as well as the tax office and customs service.

I represent my clients frequently in the following legal fields:

  • Commercial criminal law: fraud, embezzlement, compliance advice, insolvency offences, failure to pay minimum wage, withholding and misappropriation of wages, money laundering, smuggling, document falsification, etc.
  • General criminal law: grievous bodily harm, theft, robbery, abuse, environmental crimes, false statements and perjury, capital crimes (negligent homicide, manslaughter and murder), arson, etc.
  • In appropriate cases, you can also appoint me as an assigned counsel.
  • I am also familiar with the characteristics of juvenile law, so you can also appoint me as a criminal defence lawyer in cases in which youths (14 to 17 years) or young adults (18 to 20 years) have to answer to investigation or judicial authorities.

My choice to specialize in these legal fields is no coincidence. It is part of my biography and my belief that citizens’ rights must be actively defended – for every single individual

Those who end up in conflict with judicial authorities often experience a feeling of powerlessness. Authorities, agencies, the police, and “the state” in general often seem all-powerful. If one gives in to this feeling of inferiority without fighting for one’s rights, not only does the person who gives up early (and who is often abandoned, unfortunately) lose, but we all do. The constitutional state depends on civil rights that apply for everybody.

Therefore, I see it as my job, as a criminal defence lawyer, to cast doubt where everything supposedly seems clear at first glance. At the same time, I will always loyally remain on the side of my clients. Asserting the presumption of innocence of the accused in court is the focus of my work as a lawyer, because in a society worth living in, individuals and people should never be overshadowed by the legal scripts.

Specialisation in Criminal Tax Law, Commercial Criminal Law, General Criminal Law, and Tax Law

I only take on clients from the field of criminal tax law, commercial criminal law, general criminal law and tax law. This specialisation guarantees high specialist expertise, primarily when providing advice and defence in the field of criminal tax law (particularly in relation to accusations of tax evasion). This focus also ensures advice and defence of the highest quality. I work as a criminal defence lawyer and tax lawyer in Berlin, Brandenburg (e.g. Potsdam and Frankfurt [Oder]) and all over Germany, and I will represent you in all instances.